Areas of Activity

Food & Wine

The passion for tradition, the enhancement of identity and food and wine excellence are the basis of the strategies put in place for the success of your companies.

The magic of words and visual art invite the public to explore unique flavours, fragrances and locations.

For us, organising an event, representing a product or a company, means not only promoting and taking care of its image, but also embracing the mission and establishing an authentic bond with the target of our clients.


The economic and industrial growth of society can only be achieved through a development that takes care of the planet and its resources.

Our services are aimed at small and medium enterprises operating in agriculture, packaging, manufacturing, construction and energy sectors, which use environmentally sustainable techniques in their production processes.

We adopt integrated communication plans, fostering connections and collaborations between companies with similar purposes.


Travelling is one of the most important opportunities for personal and cultural enrichment.

Our clientele includes hotels, B&Bs, agritourisms, travel agencies, tourist promotion organisations, restaurants, wineries, united by a common desire to provide customers with an unforgettable experience.

We plan guided tours, tastings, personal shopping and corporate events in impressive locations.

A well-established network allows us to promote destinations, creating tailor-made experiences, with accurate services, in comfortable and inclusive accommodation facilities.


The strong influence of government policies on the direction of innovations and investments plays a key role in shaping this sector.

We deal with companies that propose alternative, environmentally friendly products or solutions, and contribute to improving the efficiency and sustainability of transport.

We foster relations with institutions and promote communication campaigns to encourage ecological mobility practices that have tangible benefits on the quality of life of communities.


During the last years, communication about sophisticated lifestyles, new trends, high-end products and exclusive services, related to wellness, fashion, furniture, has been filled with social significance.

Our work consists of accompanying companies and start-ups in an attractive presentation of their products, emphasising not only their elegance and quality, but also their strong commitment to environmentally friendly production methods, guiding consumers to make conscious and responsible choices.


The appeal of the sector stems from the multiplicity of disciplines, with passion as a unifying element, and the ability to engage different audiences.

We work with companies and public and private entities in the organisation of events, with producers of food, beverages and sports equipment, we collaborate with associations and organisations in the promotion of the values of health, diversity and inclusion, we develop training activities and international partnerships.


The diffusion and promotion of culture are fundamental actions to create spaces for learning and dialogue, connecting the professionals in the field with the public.

Our activities include the organisation of meetings, institutional communication for museums, art galleries and cultural institutions, as well as the creation of educational programmes, which contribute to the growth and diversification of the offer, making culture accessible, participative and in step with its constant evolution.